About us

About Us

Our wealth management company, located in Zurich, Switzerland provides wealth management and investment advisory services to private and professional investors. Our partners combine more than 50 years of investment experience. They are pioneers in the quantitative asset and index management and have been developing innovative smart beta index and portfolio management concepts since late 1990es for world-recognized investment companies.

We are specialized in financial forecasting and portfolio optimization. Since early 2000 our partners have been developing a unique proprietary forecasting methodology which provides the basis for our investment services.

We use state-of-the-art forecasting methods and Genetic Algorithms for our unique value proposition. Innovation and desire for perfection is in our DNA. This goodness differentiates us from the crowd. Our history and ambitions allow us to offer you superior wealth management services.

Paul Baumgartner
Paul Baumgartner

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Miro Mitev
Dr. Miro Mitev

Founder & CEO

Marc Rene
Marc Rene


Our Mission

Our Investment Principles

Our goal is to maximize investor return and minimize volatility by applying a disciplined and rules-based investment process. We rely on our unique and proprietary forecasting methodology with a long and outstanding track-record.

Benefits & Risks

Advantages of SmartWealth

The advantage of SmartWealth is our state-of-the-art forecasting methodology which is the basis for superior tailor-made portfolios across different asset classes and market sectors.

  • Diversification across equities, bonds, commodities, and currencies
  • Access to market forecasts with track-record since 2006
  • Portfolio optimization based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Cost-efficient and transparent investment process
  • Potential wealth generation
  • Underperforming investment

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