SmartWealth - Swiss digital Advisor with Artificial Intelligence from Austria

SmartWealth - Swiss digital Advisor with Artificial Intelligence from Austria

The launch of the new digital Advisor with daily Asset Management based on forecasting procedures and genetic optimization is planned for 2019.

The Swiss start-up based in Zurich is currently working intensively on the website and the integration of the digital asset management process. The aim is to launch the public offering in Germany in the first half of 2019.

The technology is a proprietary development and is intended to give private investors from 20,000 euros upwards access to an asset management system previously reserved for institutional investors.

It is invested exclusively in broadly diversified, liquid ETFs. The account opening will take place at the German Baader Bank and will be possible online within 15 minutes via video identification procedures.

Three product lines are available from an investment of 20,000 euros. Two passive and one actively managed product. Common to all offers is the graduated portfolio weighting, depending on the risk rating of the investors, from conservative with bond overweight to dynamic with majority equity investments.

The entry-level product is rebalanced annually and the allocation of the second passive product is regularly adjusted to the current market situation using artificial intelligence with genetic optimization. The flagship product also uses the full power of active asset management.

The Austrian Index specialist iQ-FOXX delivers the heart of Asset Management with its Smart Beta Indizes and genetic optimization


SmartWealth relies on active market timing to be invested at the right time. The aim is to take advantage of the strong upward trend and to avoid the major price setbacks on the stock markets. Our forecasting procedures are active and forward-looking. The combination of three forecasting methods provides reliable investment signals. Influencing factors are market, fundamental and technical indicators. The large amount of uncorrelated information is decisive for the high quality of the signals. SmartWealth invests 100% in the respective asset class with a Risk ON signal – 100% cash is held with a Risk OFF signal and the risk is reduced to zero.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the efficient portfolio is selected for the selected maximum risk (volatility). The optimization process brings the decisive advantage of a higher return potential with a significantly reduced risk at the same time. The allocation of the portfolio is regularly re-optimized and adjusted to current market conditions.